Carina & Greg – Wild Dunes Beach Resort – October, 2018

I first ‘met’ Greg and Carina via Skype, when they were FIRST planning their wedding. Even just via Skype I could tell these two were the real deal, and that they would be a ton of fun on their wedding day!

They initially planned to have their wedding close to their hometown of Columbia, but while planning switched their venue to Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms. (I was super excited – I LOVE beach weddings!) We started the day with a 20% chance of rain, but by the time their first look rolled around it had started to sprinkle – and then during portraits (on the beach…btw) it started DOWNPOURING! We ran off the beach as  fast as possible (here’s your laugh for the day: very un-graceful me attempting to run with a giant camera bag and two cameras bouncing off me… the sand) and hid under the closest shelter – which happened to be a very narrow boardwalk. Thankfully one of the groomsmen ran all the way to the beach gazebo and got hold of a few umbrellas, and started ferrying people up to the gazebo.

It continued to pour, and we actually had to delay the ceremony for a full hour – but – it turned out perfectly. We’d been able to capture most of the portraits before the rain, and by the time the rain stopped we had a gorgeous dark blue backdrop for their ceremony. Greg was cool as a cucumber the whole time – but so was Carina! Most laid-back bride ever. We had a mini pre-ceremony reception under the gazebo, and then the rest of their day went off perfectly.

Carina & Greg, I know you two are in it for the long run, and you are perfectly matched for each other. <3

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