Adora & Ben | An Intimate Folly Beach Sunset Elopement

I know it sounds a little weird, but I feel like some people are just “our people”. Somehow I’m the luckiest person ever, because Ben and Adora are absolutely “our people”.

We actually didn’t meet before their big day, but Adora and I had several phone chats to iron out their plans…and we just connected. She is SO sweet and sincere, and her fiance (well, husband now!) is from Maine! Instant connection. Sorry y’all, it’s a small state…and when we meet fellow Mainers outside we’re instant friends (provided the people are as cool as Ben!).

It was the perfect sunset

The five of us (Adora & Ben and I, and her mom officiating & her mom’s boyfriend running video) headed for the quiet end of the beach for their ceremony. The wind was JUST strong enough to make the sand dance across the beach, and the sun was pure gold.

Colorful kites accented the sky

Perfect. That’s literally the only thing I can say about Ben & Adora’s ceremony. Also, they ran into the ocean afterwards in their tux / gown….y’all know this instantly equals a win in my book…and they CRUSHED it. Happy-ever-after, you two!!

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