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Life is a little bit like your favorite linen shirt. We make perfect plans, and have a beautiful vision, but once we actually live (like once you've worn the shirt) our perfect plan we find little wrinkles everywhere. In my opinion, all the little wrinkles we end up with just create a more beautiful story, unique to you and your family alone.
Inspired by this perfect imperfection, my photography style is journalistic and authentic. I document you and your family as you are, freezing your honest, emotional moments in time. I always show up with a comforting calm to put you at ease, because I know what it’s like being on the other side of the camera. I'll walk joyfully beside you documenting your story, so you can tell it for generations. 

Eternally Inspired By






- Ashleigh

Kelsey was an amazing photographer! From the moment we started our shoot until the very end. She was so knowledgeable about the location, positioning, and a kept the shoot fun and positive!

Life is fleeting, and each moment we share with each other and our loved ones is unique and precious.
I've seen how quickly the years pass, and how easy it is to move from one to the next almost without even realizing the passage of time until it has gone. This is why I am passionate about photography, and preserving the moments we do have the privilege of living and sharing.
Every family and couple are unique, so each session is tailored to YOU. If you connect best at home, that is where you should be photographed. If your family are explorers and love to travel, then we will create a plan together to capture your adventures in a way that is authentic to YOU. 

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