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Inspired by your connection,
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Life gets crazy, (especially with little ones) some days it's a challenge just to do the "normal" tasks. Although crazy, these moments are fleeting and precious.
I strive to make magic from ordinary, chaotic, and messy moments. Your family photos are your real life, real moments, your real story. By helping you with every step: what to wear for the whole family, makeup for mom, heirloom albums, gallery walls, and statement art delivered to your door, I've created a simple and fun family photography experience and taken all the things off your plate that you just don't have time for. 

Serving Charleston since 2016, specializing in maternity, newborn + family lifestyle photography

Why Choose Kelsey Halm Photography?

Booking a Charleston Family Photographer

Your family changes so much, even just in one year! That is why as a Charleston family photographer and mother myself, I encourage every family to schedule family photos at least once a year. This is the perfect way to document your children's growth, but also the relationships between all the members of your family. Your portrait session will capture what makes your family unique and create memories for years to come. 

With my family photography sessions, I provide a full-service experience so that you can relax and know the details are taken care of. Taking care of a family is hard, so I make the family photo planning experience easy.
My Charleston family photo sessions can take place outdoors or in your home. They include a virtual planning and styling consultation, plus location guidance. They're simple, relaxed, and full service - from session styling to hanging artwork and designing your family's story year album, I've got you. 
If you're interested in working with a Charleston family photographer to capture memories of your growing family, get in touch to begin the experience! 


"I'm not sure if our home will be good for in-home family photos"
I've photographed families in every sort of home, and the same thing is always true: the beauty of shooting at home isn't really about the house, but rather the people inside it. We'll chat ahead of time about light in your home, and which rooms might be the best options. Here are a few good rules of thumb to prepare for a session in your home:
1. Choose a space with the most natural light. (big windows, light colored walls, etc)
2. Less is more and simple is always beautiful. You don't have to have a professionally decorated space for it to photograph beautifully, just a neat, tidy space will be perfect. 


Who will be included in our session?
Who is included depends on the session we've booked. For the Parenthood collection the session will include immediate family (yourself, your partner, and any other children you have). For the Storybook collection this is customized, and can include extended family as well if they are in your everyday life. Let's chat!
**Pets are always welcome, but I do suggest that if you're including a dog in any session not held at home you bring along someone who's not in the photos to handle your pup when they're "on break". 


What should I/we wear for our photos? 
Once you've scheduled your sessions you'll receive a styling guide for basic styling guidance. I've also partnered with a professional stylist, so we can add styling services to your chosen session at any time. Please contact me for further styling information.
I do always suggest simple and timeless wardrobe choices. It's always a good choice to avoid clothing with logos or distracting patterns, as well as very bright colors (they can cause a color cast on faces/skin). Go with light colors and patterns, and pieces that are comfortable to move around in. Always think coordinating, not matching. 


How far in advance do we need to book our family photo session in Charleston?
I open my booking calendar one year in advance (ie. you can book your October 2025 photos in October 2024, etc). My current clients generally schedule their sessions on a yearly basis, but new clients usually inquire and book three to four months in advance. Depending on the season I might have shorter notice availability - it's always worth reaching out, if I can accommodate your request I will. 


What if it rains on our session date? 
During the summertime in Charleston we get many days with rain, but it is usually a quick-passing shower. If there is rain in the forecast we will keep an eye in the days leading up to your session, and make the call to reschedule or go ahead with the session by 12hrs in advance. 
If we cannot reschedule then we can shoot in the rain! This might sound crazy, but I have photographed many rainy sessions, and they are magical!