Sunet, Jacques & B – Charleston – August, 2017

This sweetest family visited took a summer holiday from the BVI’s, and our pretty little city was on their list! Sunet contacted me to take some family portraits of them, and they invited me along on one of their adventures! Little B was the sweetest, and super well behaved. He was excited for “shooting”, but later realized that “shooting” meant with a camera…not as exciting in a little boy’s mind! 🙂 So cute.
During our adventure I had a goof moment and left my keys on my car roof when we left one of our spots (my car is a push button, so as long as the key is near it will run) and as we were driving down HWY 17 I heard something fly off the roof – and then my car started beeping at me “NO KEY DETECTED”. Ahhh! I frantically called them (they were following me) and they circled the road with me several times looking for my lost keys. In the end (after Jacques also helped me search my car) we gave up and I had to call my hubby to bring my spare (and now only) key so I could actually drive away. :'( how embarrassing! Thank goodness they were so sweet (and we still had a little daylight) and my key fiasco didn’t ruin our shoot!
I sure hope they visit us again!

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