Maddie + Brandon |Folly Beach Elopement

One of my favorite things that came through 2020’s challenges is the increase in elopements and micro weddings. As much as I love big weddings there is just something so incredible about the intimacy of the small ones.

Maddie & Brandon originally planned to have a large wedding in their hometown, but of course with lockdowns and travel restrictions their big wedding had to be postponed. They didn’t want to wait a whole year more to begin their lives together as husband and wife – so they decided to come to Charleston and elope.

The atmosphere inside the beach home the whole family stayed in was peacefully excited – and as soon as I opened the door I saw the sweet interactions between their closest family members making sure every detail was ready.

Maddie’s mom helped her put on her gown, and then whispered a few words of wisdom and encouragement to her with a tearful hug. Brandon waited down on the beach while the rest of the immediate family swept the aisle and put the final details on their ceremony site.

The moment Maddie and her mom walked off the home’s steps and onto the swept-sand aisle leading to Brandon I swear not a single eye was dry. They said the sweetest (and you guessed it, tearful) vows to each other, surrounded by their family seated on blankets in the sand.

Somehow I’m still surprised by how emotional each and every ceremony I photograph is. Every couple is so unique, and the opportunity to hear their individual love stories and promises to each other is such a sweet one. It’s beautiful how unique love is to each relationship and couple – and Maddie and Brandon have already walked side-by-side through enough of life’s challenges for me to confidently say theirs will be a beautifully long story together.

Venue: Private Residence, Folly Beach SC
Florist: Creech’s Florist
Hair & Makeup: Lashes & Lace
Earrings: Kendra Scott

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