Why Do I Want A Boudoir Session?

Have you ever considered having a professional boudoir session? Maybe a friend or acquaintance (or even some random person you’re following on social media) shared photos from a session they did, but you’re a little apprehensive about getting in front of a camera wearing close to nothing.

Boudoir can seem intimidating, but in reality (and based on feedback from real-life clients!) it’s actually extremely empowering, and so much fun!

Here are some reasons I say YES to a boudoir session:

#1 – Give yourself some love

I know this one sounds a little cheesy, but a boudoir session with the right photographer is a complete experience. Most of us spend the majority of our time focused on taking care of everyone around us, but your boudoir session is an hour (or a few hours) of time dedicated to YOU and you alone. Take a day to get pampered by having your hair and makeup done, and then have your confidence boosted in front of a camera? I can’t think of a better way to get a little self-care and confidence boost! That leads me to my next point:

#2 – Celebrate your beauty

Most of us (especially us, ladies) are extremely critical of ourselves. When we get in front of the mirror all we see are our flaws, and in our inner dialogue we sound like the meanest mean-girl out there…to ourselves. Stepping into a boudoir session is removing your own critic, and handing over the reins to a trusted third-party. A great photographer is going to put you at ease, pose you, and then show you your true beauty through their lens.

#3 – Create a stunning gift for your partner (or yourself!)

Trust me, the look on your partner’s face when you hand them your boudoir album is going to be worth your while. If you’re getting married it is an intimate, beautiful gift for your spouse-to-be, but you don’t need a reason to give the person you love something thoughtful and personal.

#4 – Empower yourself

In its very essence a boudoir photo session is vulnerable, so it takes confidence to go for it, and that confidence is sexy. One of the biggest reasons so many women decide to do a boudoir session is because of how empowering it is. You’re already confident, strong, beautiful – neither I nor any other photographer can make you something you’re not – but we can uncover that confidence.

#5 – Document a milestone

It is pretty common to take yearly family photos, couples photos, baby-milestone photos, and even update your headshots, but we seldom document our own personal successes and milestones through photos. Here are some personal milestones I love:
– You reached your health and fitness goals
– Motherhood: you created another human, celebrate your body and what it can do!
– Healing from trauma: whether it’s relational or illness, you made it.
– Because today is a great day, even if it’s just a random Tuesday

It might look that way, but boudoir isn’t really about photos in lingerie…

Boudoir (in my opinion) is about empowerment, confidence, and feeling sexy in your own skin. It can be for someone else, or just for you. And (fun fact) you don’t even need to wear lingerie in your boudoir session, you can wear a big t-shirt and tall socks! Seriously. This is a session for you, do it your way.


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