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Our photography style is journalistic and authentic. Our images are created using a variety of cameras and mediums, and we always bring a comforting calm that makes our subjects feel at ease. We know what it’s like being on the other side of the camera and how important the day is—which is why we approach it side-by-side, with Kelsey’s husband, Dave, joining her to capture it all.


She made us so comfortable!

The photos were everything we wanted and more.

We love when our couples maximize their ability to gather their loved ones, and plan a series of events over the course of a weekend. By the end of it all, we feel like we’ve gotten to know your families and friends, and it shows in our images. Whether a historic venue in the area or a unique property out of town, the setting not only plays a key part of the story, but inspires us just as much as the various facets of each wedding day—cultures, connections, and what brought the couple together in the first place: love. We got married on a beach in Mexico with just 25 people in attendance, so we understand fully that no guest list is too small to make an impact. 

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