Conquering Rain in Historic Downtown Charleston: Rainy and Romantic Engagement Photo Sessions

Engaged couple walking down an ivy covered alley in Historic Charleston with umbrellas

When it comes to planning an engagement photo session, unexpected weather conditions like rain can seem like a daunting challenge. However, with the right approach and a touch of creativity, rain can actually add romance to your session day.

Engaged couple pop a champagne bottle on a cobblestone street in Charleston
Black and white image of an engaged couple walking in the middle of the street in Charleston South Carolina

I just (of course) wrote a blog about rain on a wedding day, and the next weekend I had two engagement sessions with torrential downpours! So today I’ll share our experience of conquering the rain during both photo sessions in Historic Downtown Charleston. With umbrellas and some covered spots, we managed to create captivating and unique photos, plus stories that will last a lifetime.

Embracing the Rain

Instead of stressing over the rain, we embraced it as an opportunity to add an element of charm and uniqueness to our engagement photo session. Rain can create a dreamy ambiance and add a touch of intimacy to the photographs, making them stand out from the usual bright and sunny images. We chose to see the rain as a blessing and let its presence ignite our creativity.

Couple with an umbrella at the Pineapple Fountain
Couple and their dogs in front of the pineapple fountain in Charleston on a rainy day
Close up of two dogs sitting at their owners feet during a rainy engagement session in Charleston SC

It’s always a bit stressful at first, especially if rescheduling isn’t an option, but once you make the decision to just embrace the rain and roll with it you’ll be 100% better off.

Planning for the Rain

One of the essential aspects of a successful rainy engagement photo session is proper planning. Since I live here I know the Historic Downtown Charleston area well, so before a session I always have a route in mind with locations that provided some cover from the rain.

Couple walk together under umbrellas through the Live Oaks in a Charleston park
engaged couple laugh together during their engagement photos in Charleston
Couple kiss on a porch during their engagement session in Charleston
Couple sit on a step in front of large oak doors on a porch in downtown Charleston South Carolina

There really isn’t a way to stay totally dry when photographing outside in the rain, but at least we could still continue, even during torrential downpours.

The Magic of Umbrellas

Umbrellas played a crucial role in making our engagement photo session a success. I carry several clear, bubble umbrellas that are ideal for photoshoots. They’re clear, so they don’t inhibit what little light we have on rainy days, plus since they’re clear they don’t block out the scenery. The umbrellas not only protected us from the rain but also served as fun props. **quick tip: if you’ve got a photo session coming up, order a clear bubble umbrella for each person in your session just to have on-hand. You can always return them afterwards if you don’t need them, and it’s better to be prepared!

Couple walk in a cobblestone street in Charleston with umbrellas and their dogs during engagement photos
Couple hold hands and cross the street in front of the French Huguenot Church in Charleston

Dancing in the Rain

As the rain poured down, P + M decided to embrace the moment and have a little fun with it. There was hardly any traffic, so they went to the middle of Broad St. and danced! For sure my favorite images from their session. Always dance in the rain!

Couple kiss in the middle of Broad St. during a rain storm
Man holds his fiancé in the middle of the street for a kiss during a rain storm
couple laugh together as the man holds his fiancé in the middle of Broad st during a rain storm

Timing and Flexibility

In handling rain during any photo session, timing plays a crucial role, and it’s one of the most significant strategies I employ. Fortunately, in Charleston, rain typically doesn’t persist all day; instead, it often consists of passing storms that last for an hour or so. To avoid the rain, the best approach is to adjust the session time slightly, which usually proves to be highly effective. By doing so, we can capture the perfect moments without any interference from the rain.

Couple snuggle together in a brick alley in downtown Charleston during engagement photos

However, on those rare occasions when the rain does persist for a more extended period, I still employ strategic timing to make the most of the situation. During the heaviest rainfall, we seek shelter under cover to continue the photo session, ensuring that we don’t miss any essential shots. And when the rain lightens up or moves to a different area, we venture out to various locations, maximizing the opportunities for capturing beautiful and unique images.

black and white close up of a couple holding hands and crossing the street
couple walk into the street together on a rainy day

The key lies in flexibility and adaptability when it comes to dealing with rain during a photo session. By leveraging the timing to our advantage, we can create stunning photographs while embracing the unpredictable beauty that rain adds to the overall experience.

Couple almost kiss on a brick street in Historic Charleston during engagement photos

So if you have rain…

Don’t let rain dampen the spirit of your engagement photos! Embrace the rain as an opportunity to create unique, intimate, and beautiful photographs. With proper planning, the right tools, and a touch of creativity, you can turn a rainy day into a magical and romantic experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

So, if you’re considering an engagement photo session in Historic Downtown Charleston, don’t fear the rain; embrace it and let us capture the magic for you. Rainy days can be the most enchanting and unforgettable backdrop for your love story.